Our Guest Joe Hudicka has three life goals:

1. To create businesses he loves to be in;
2. To invest most of his time in friends and family;
3. To promote strength-oriented learning.

Joe and his team help people think through their ideas of custom software solutions by using visual conversations and virtual scribing to accelerate the design process.

On his path as a serial entrepreneur, Joe has spent a lot of time in the world of data and IT management systems. He has had titles such as solutions architect, information architect, CEO, and, most recently, founder of OneLead, a company that improves CRM data collection through mobile devices.

OneLead is launching its brand new product, Quota Crusher, this week. Quota Crusher helps sales people optimize their territories and nurture leads with a personal touch.

Quota Crusher clients leverage the built in predictive analytics that allow even small to medium-sized companies see patterns of activity and anticipate customer behavior.

The entire Hudicka family is engaged in this world of application development and entrepreneurialism. At age 7, his son Joey designed and launched “Puckz”, an iPhone and iPad app which fuses together hockey and checkers, creating a new game.


00:00 | Introductions

03:15 | Joe’s Projects (IA TeamPuckzQuota Crusher)

15:23 | Personal Values: Daily Habit

18:07 | Working Virtually

21:04 | Being a Trusted Advisor

25:58 | Virtual Facilitation Changes the Game

31:30 | Open for Questions

32:55 | Collaborative Design Conversations

63:20 | Free Course: The Electric Scribe

64:00 | Final Words From Joe: What’s Next