Andy Crestodina: Fortune and Glory

How to Make Friends, Rank High and Get Famous

How to make friends on social media
Andy Crestodina web strategist and content marketing

Andy has been in the web design and interactive marketing space since January of 2000. In that time, he's helped thousands of people do a better job getting results online. He's a true evangelist for content marketing and ethical digital marketing.
Writing is nice, but face-to-face is better. Andy is a founder of Content Jam, but also a regular speaker both locally and nationally. Andy teaches topics from content strategy and Analytics to social media and search optimization. 


Tim Ash: Context and the Power of Framing

Biasing Your Offer with Irrational Neuromarketing

Tim Ash and neuromarketing
Tim Ash marketing bias and neuroscience

Tim Ash is the author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization and CEO of SiteTuners. A computer scientist and cognitive scientist by education (his PhD studies were in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence), Tim has developed an expertise in user-centered design, persuasion and understanding online behavior, and landing page testing. In the mid-1990s he became one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization.


Jill Pollack - Feed the Beast

How to Keep Your Content Flowing, on Point and Endlessly Entertaining

Jill Pollack Content Creation

Jill Pollack is the founder and director of StoryStudio Chicago, overseeing writing and storytelling training for more than 1,200 students each year. She is a presenter on using stories in our personal and professionals lives and was again included in the Newcity Lit Top 50 list of literary leaders in Chicago.


Joel Harvey: Mobile Optimization Essentials

Tips for Increasing Mobile Conversion Rates

Joel Harvey increasing mobile conversion rate

Joel is a seasoned digital marketing executive and entrepreneur with an 11-year background in executing complex optimization engagements. As a Managing Partner at Conversion Sciences, he and his team design and run hundreds of tests per year. He asks why a lot, challenges assumptions, laughs loud, and constantly reaches for the next level of results. Oh, and he's from the future.