What does it take to to translate a live, in-person classroom to an online environment?

In this interview, Derek Bruff, Director of The Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University reflects upon his experience in the trenches of translating the traditional classroom experience into Massive Open Online Courses (aka. MOOCs).

duration: 64 minutes



Derek received his PhD in Mathematics at Vanderbilt. He taught mathematics at Harvard University for two years before returning to Vanderbilt as an Assistant Director at the CFT and Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, before being named Director in 2011.

At the Center, Derek has consulted with faculty members, graduate students, departments, and programs across the university and helped develop two of the Center’s flagship programs, the Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows program and the Teaching Certificate program.

Most recently, Derek has shepherded the production of Vanderbilt University's first MOOC on Coursera and spearheaded the school's efforts to prepare its educators for the challenges of online video production, social media and facilitating hundreds of thousands of virtual students.


00:00 | Introductions

02:00 | What is the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt all about?

11:30 | What exactly is a MOOC?

21:30 | What's involved in producing and facilitating a MOOC?

30:30 | Changing/Rethinking the educational process

39:00 | Questions for Derek

52:00 | DIY U: Unbundling the higher-ed experience

56:30 | How to find out more about Derek

60:30 | Special announcements from Alphachimp U