Modules Go Live August 1st


Modules Go Live August 1st

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Master the Basics of Graphic Recording with Smart, Talented People Like You All Around The Globe.

Transform ideas into compelling sketches & diagrams that help people understand complex issues and decide what to do next!



Online 24/7 access to 30 instructional videos, 8 creative exercises & an online community.


01 | Deep Listening

Explore some of the ingredients of Deep Listening - an important tool in the life of the scribe. You'll learn about the evolution of a scribe, explore how the brain works and how to be a vessel of ideas to travel through, evaluate the importance of play, and identify learning styles as it pertains to the scribe. We end this first module with a fun, creative exercise.

02 | Elements of Scribing

Begin with a creative exercise designed to move you out of your critical, linear brain and into your natural creative hand. Together, we work on developing "drawing muscle memory" and practice the basic techniques of drawing BIG through Basic Shapes Bootcamp. End the module with a creative exercise putting your new 3D drawing skills to good use creating a cityscape.

03 | Sketchnotes

Learn from several subject matter experts who will teach you the secret to creating objects, animals and more using basic shapes. Then we will move into typography and fonts and putting people into action.

04 | Mapping Frameworks

Explore different forms and frameworks to hold visual ideas, including mind mapping, models, metaphors and create a personal strategic plan.

05 | Your Personal Toolkit

Put together your personal toolkit; all the markers, paper, and other supplies you'll need to be a Rockstar Scribe. With your classmates, you will graphically record a keynote speaker and bring together everything you have learned — deep listening skills, basic shapes, sketchnotes, metaphors, mapping and models.

06 | Digital Documentation

Master the basics of photographing, cleaning & sharing your graphic recording online. Learn the secrets to “cleaning” images using Photoshop and other (free) online apps.

Work at your own pace. 

There is no set schedule to view or complete any of the assignments. This is built for your personal development. Each module builds upon the previous section and is supported by videos, references, suggested reading, and PDF documents.