John Priscu: Life below the ice of Antarctic

Join polar scientist John Priscu – and his autonomous robots - as he takes us miles below the Antarctic ice to search for living organisms that may have been cut off from the rest of the planet’s ecosystem for millions of years. See video from Pop!Tech 2008

From the Pop!Tech Blog by Michelle Riggen-Ransom

Recent Pop!Tech presenter John Priscu was so inspired by his experience at the conference that he brought Pop!Tech stickers with him on his latest expedition to the South Pole.

Priscu, a professor of ecology at Montana State University and an expert in cold-climate biology, spent the past few weeks in the Transarctic Mountains looking for life beneath the Antarctic ice. Seeing the cheerful red Pop!Tech stickers on everything from John’s tent to the autonomous robot he’s using to explore the icy sea warms our hearts. We hope they’re helping to keep John warm as well! Here are a few more photos from Antarctica that John was kind enough to send us.