Doug Rushkoff on Renaissance Prospects

Douglas Rushkoff analyzes, writes and speaks about the way people, cultures, and institutions create, share, and influence each other's values. He sees "media" as the landscape where this interaction takes place, and "literacy" as the ability to participate consciously in it.

In this closing session of Pop!Tech 2004, Rushkoff brings together the loose threads of culture and technology that we have only just begun to change our experience of life in this world.

As a commentator and court reporter from the halls of the digiterati, he has been engaged in more projects than you can stick a shake at--documentaries, books, articles, films, graphic novels, religious theology and more. Witness the ever-growing list here:


His new book, Life Inc., takes on the birth of the Corporationduring the Renaissance as a vehicle for royalty to divide up work, leverage capital and exercise value-added returns on investment. (Sound familiar?)