Project Masiluleke


A signature program of the Pop!Tech Accelerator, Project Masiluleke, harnesses the power of mobile devices to help reverse South Africa’s crippling HIV/AIDS and TB crises.  Partners from frog design, iTeach and the Praekelt Foundation discuss the program’s breakthrough approach, which endeavors to connect millions to testing and care. see Pop!Cast video


Stay tuned to for the latest developments. See a description of the design process from frog design.

zinny at poptech 2007

In October 2006, Zinhle “Zinny” Thabethe travelled from Johannesburg, South Africa to Camden, Maine to speak at PopTech.  HIV positive herself, Zinny came to share how the disease is affecting her, her family and her country.  More importantly, she came to detail her fight to reverse the course of HIV/AIDS in South Africa – and invite others to join her crusade.

At PopTech Zinny found a receptive audience, and a series of organic conversations quickly formed an unlikely alliance between a world-renowned design firm, one of the planet’s most visible media brands, South African foundations and leading mobile technology companies.

These two videos further detail Zinny's journey and the conditions that drove Project Masiluleke's conception.