Alyson Warhurst: Risk mapper

Alyson Warherst - PopTech 2012 - Reykjavik Iceland

Alyson Warhurst is CEO and founder of the risk analysis and mapping company Maplecroft, the leading source of extra-financial risk intelligence for the world’s largest multinational corporations, asset managers and governments.

“We can really start telling a story in terms of predicting risk in the future…We are actually able to engage in policy change to be able to shape the future growth environment and prevent disaster.”

Didier Sornette: Predicting risk

Didier Sornette - PopTech 2012 - Reykjavik Iceland

Didier Sornette is a professor of entrepreneurial risks in Zurich. He explores data patterns to help predict crises and extreme events in complex systems, like global financial crises.

“Most crises are endogenous. They are not coming out of the blue, like a black swan. They are knowable. They can be diagnosed in advance.”

Tim Harford: Learning Your (Economic) Lesson

Tim Harford

Economic commentator and author Tim Harford presented a creative, challenging perspective on financial systems, drawing upon examples from oil rig explosions to nuclear disasters to make his point.

He believes that by studying the triggers of major engineering accidents, we can draw lessons on how to help prevent crises in the financial world.

Hot or not? Dan Ariely on attractiveness, pain, and adaptation

Dan Ariely - PopTech 2010 - Camden, MaineAdaptation is the basic idea that we get used to stuff and interpret signals. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely explores how these types of signals relate to pain and social adaptation. How does our previous exposure to pain alter how we experience it now? How is it that we all appreciate the pinnacle of beauty in the same way, but we’re drawn to partners with a level of attractiveness similar to our own?

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