Anushka Ratnayake: Farm Savings

Anushka Ratnayake

Anushka Ratnayake is executive director of myAgro, which uses a network of rural stores and mobile phone technology to make saving for agricultural and farm inputs easy and accessible for small-scale farmers living in remote areas.

MyAgro also provides training and incentives for participating farmers, resulting in measurably increased yield and profits. By working through pre-existing, trusted technology, myAgro is helping rural farmers to improve their livelihood by enabling them to manage their money in a more flexible and convenient way.

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Will Allen : Growing Power in the Urban Food Desert

Edible Future: Will Allen

Will Allen is co-founder and director of Growing Power, Inc., an organization that is transforming the production and delivery of healthy foods to underserved, urban populations. Growing Power operates as an urban farm and education center in Milwaukee, WI, and more recently, Chicago, teaching urban youth how to produce low-cost healthy foods for their communities.

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Michael Pollan : The Gospel of Sustainable Food

Edible Future: Michael Pollan

Author and activist Michael Pollan is a passionate advocate for sustainable food. In his compelling talk at PopTech, he explores how our industrial food system is keeping us overly dependent on fossil fuels, destroying our environment, and making us sick. Breaking this cycle requires fundamentally changing our relationship to food - and eating more meals together.

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Cary Fowler: A global backup of the world’s agricultural biodiversity

Agricultural impresario Cary Fowler is kind of a latter-day Superman: his mission is to protect life on Earth, and he even operates out of an arctic fortress. While Dr. Fowler can’t fly or leap tall buildings, his work has captured the world’s imagination, and he’s safeguarding mankind’s future with a practical solution: seeds.

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