Raj Jayadev: 1,862 fewer years in prison

Raj Jayadev is the founder and director of Silicon Valley De-Bug, a media community organizing and social entrepreneurial collective based in San Jose, California.
Through De-Bug, Raj started a family and community organizing model, the Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project – a methodology for families and communities to impact the outcome of criminal cases involving loved ones, changing the landscape of the power of the court system. 


Taylor Downs: Systems that just work

Taylor Downs is the founder of Open[Fn], a non-profit, fully open-source data integration platform that connects the "technology for development" sector.
Open[Fn] strives to make technology tools work more efficiently and effectively in the social sector through a process that ensures easy access to the best technology tools – in a sense, serving as its “app store.”. Beyond accessing the right tools, Open[Fn] also allows users to connect various technologies with clicks, not code. 



Didier Sornette: Predicting risk

Didier Sornette - PopTech 2012 - Reykjavik Iceland

Didier Sornette is a professor of entrepreneurial risks in Zurich. He explores data patterns to help predict crises and extreme events in complex systems, like global financial crises.

“Most crises are endogenous. They are not coming out of the blue, like a black swan. They are knowable. They can be diagnosed in advance.”