Anushka Ratnayake: Farm Savings

Anushka Ratnayake

Anushka Ratnayake is executive director of myAgro, which uses a network of rural stores and mobile phone technology to make saving for agricultural and farm inputs easy and accessible for small-scale farmers living in remote areas.

MyAgro also provides training and incentives for participating farmers, resulting in measurably increased yield and profits. By working through pre-existing, trusted technology, myAgro is helping rural farmers to improve their livelihood by enabling them to manage their money in a more flexible and convenient way.

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Prabhjot Singh: Mobile Health

Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh is the co-chair of the One Million Community Health Worker Campaign, an initiative of the African Union and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network that designs and tests how community health workers can be more effective using mobile tools in the developing world.

He has recently brought his experience to Harlem where he focuses on developing community-based health care delivery systems.

Singh has scaled up networks of front-line health workers across sub-Saharan Africa. He discusses his work bringing this health care model to Harlem to “train people in their communities to take an active part in their health care outside the walls of a hospital or clinic.”

He is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Young Leader and a Truman National Security Fellow. Singh’s work shows us that communities are the ultimate catalysts of systems change, especially when they are successfully integrated into their own health care and development systems.

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World Water Day special: Is the water still flowing?

Ned Breslin “Is water still running?” is perhaps the most important question when considering water initiatives worldwide, concludes Water for People CEO Ned Breslin. He’s tired of seeing broken hand pumps and taps litter Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These signs of failed projects underscore the critical need to overhaul water aid for real impact.


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