Zachary Lieberman: Creative Teaching


Zach Lieberman talks about teaching creativity in the information age at his School for Poetic Computation.

“We are not sitting in front of a screen. We are trying to create a space for reimagining what is possible.”

For most of us, synesthesia—the attachment of colors to sounds and other such cross-sensory cognition—is more concept than lived experience. But “nerd artist researcher hacker” Zachary Lieberman could change that.

His work uses technology in a playful way to break down the fragile boundary between the visible and the invisible.

Augmenting the body’s ability to communicate has always been at the core of Lieberman’s work. Working with collaborator Golan Levin, he created installations—"Remark” and “Hidden Worlds”—that presented interpretations of what the voice might look like if we could see our own speech.