Primoz Kovacic: Development is personal

Primoz Kovacic is the co-founder and director of Spatial Collective, a Nairobi-based social enterprise that uses Geographic Information Systems for community development. Through data collection and visualization, Spatial Collective helps communities to identify available resources and apply this knowledge in development initiatives. 


Taylor Downs: Systems that just work

Taylor Downs is the founder of Open[Fn], a non-profit, fully open-source data integration platform that connects the "technology for development" sector.
Open[Fn] strives to make technology tools work more efficiently and effectively in the social sector through a process that ensures easy access to the best technology tools – in a sense, serving as its “app store.”. Beyond accessing the right tools, Open[Fn] also allows users to connect various technologies with clicks, not code. 



How not to save the world according to Kevin Starr

Kevin Starr - PopTech 2010 - Camden, MaineKevin Starr, Mulago Foundation director, looks for the best solutions to the biggest problems in the poorest countries. He thinks all projects need to answer four questions: Is it needed? Does it work? Will it get to those who need it? Will they use it correctly when they get it? Too many bad ideas are using up our limited resources and that needs to change.
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Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellow Emily Pilloton on Colbert

Way to hold your own, Em!

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Emily Pilloton
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Emily Pilloton wants to create things that aren't just well designed, but have a positive social impact.

Learn more about Project H and the Design Revolution Road Show taking social innovation to schools across the US.

Oh, did we mention the airstream trailer-slash-design gallery?

Alec Ross: Statecraft 3.0

ReMixed Messages: Alec Ross on Statecraft 3.0

Senior Advisor on Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Alec Ross, says it’s time to reboot US diplomatic efforts abroad. Ross calls for 21st century statecraft based on the innovative use of new media. Previously, Ross co-founded One Economy, a nonprofit devoted to closing the digital divide, and brought his expertise to then Senator Obama’s presidential campaign.

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Erica Williams : The Millennial Era of Politics

American Stories: Erica Williams

Erica Williams is a Washington DC-based activist who works to get under-represented communities to take part in the political process. She asked the PopTech crowd to put aside any pre-conceived notions about her generation (the Millennials, born in 1978-2000). Williams was raised by two pastors and defines her childhood by two things:faith and church.

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