Susana De Anda: Toxic California water

Susana De Anda is the co-founder and co-director of the Community Water Center (CWC), which helps build strategic grassroots capacity to address water challenges in small, rural, low-income communities and communities of color. Since opening its doors in 2006, CWC has worked with local residents from 82 California communities to improve access to safe, clean, and affordable water. CWC has trained over 2,674 residents as clean water advocates, and provided technical assistance to over 15 local water boards struggling to manage efficient and accountable water systems.


Steve Lansing: Bali’s water temples

Steve Lansing

Steve Lansing, a senior fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, discusses the Byzantine system for the distribution of water from a volcanic lake in Bali to over two hundred farming villages.

It’s worked since the 12th century, it’s egalitarian and it’s still-sustainable.

“It’s one of the few functioning, ancient democratic institutions that we know about. It’s kind of beautiful.”

David de Rothschild: The Plastiki Makes a Statement

David de Rothschild - PopTech 2010 - Camden, Maine

In honor of Earth Day, check out David de Rothschild's incredible story about how he and his team built the Plastiki, a boat constructed from 12,000 plastic bottles. De Rothschild and his crew sailed halfway around the world to bring greater public awareness to the devastating impact of oceanic plastic pollutants and the need to reuse discarded plastics.

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World Water Day special: Is the water still flowing?

Ned Breslin “Is water still running?” is perhaps the most important question when considering water initiatives worldwide, concludes Water for People CEO Ned Breslin. He’s tired of seeing broken hand pumps and taps litter Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These signs of failed projects underscore the critical need to overhaul water aid for real impact.


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