Joel Dinerstein — Why cool matters

What is the definition of 'cool' and why is it essential to social innovation?

Joel Dinerstein is the author and curator of American Cool: a photography and popular culture exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution.

Dinerstein has been writing and lecturing on the concept of cool for more than a decade and for 15 years he has taught a course entitled, "The History of Being Cool in America." Joel is the Clark Endowed Chair in American Civilization and the Director of American Studies at Tulane University.


Dr. Ossama Bahloul - The Gift of Difficulty

We often associate the news of the arrival of a gift with something that will be pleasing. Realistically, a gift that may seem pleasing may consequentially be painful. While another situation that appears grim at first may in fact turnout to be your shining moment. It is not always the news that determines the ultimate result, sometimes it is how we choose to receive and manage it.