Sally Taylor — The beautiful dilemma of our separateness

What is the nature of human perception and expression?

In 2012, Sally Taylor founded Consenses, a global, multidisciplinary, artistic collaboration involving 140 artists from around the world.

It is the mission of Consenses to promote tolerance, empathy, creativity and peace by providing art as a language and a lens through which to see ourselves, each other and our world more compassionately and expansively.


Stephen Paletta - The Next Great Philanthropist


Even before being chosen as “the biggest giver” and resounding winner of Oprah’s Big Give, ABC network’s competition reality series that focused on the philanthropic efforts of its contestants, Stephen Paletta had long decided to dedicate his life to helping others. “A few years ago,” he says, “Bob Buford challenged me to decide if my life was to be about significance or success.”