What is the value of visual practice?

When we launched the Rockstar Scribe course in May of 2011, we had so many amazing people appear in our lives. Heidi Forbes Öste (@ForbesOste) is definitely one of those people.

A Boston native, Heidi now lives in Sweden with her husband and children, and has a passion for humanizing technology and strategic use of social tools for individuals & organizations both online & face-to-face.

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In her practice as a Global Social Strategist and Visual Practitioner, Heidi provides workshops, strategic visual harvesting and consulting to clients worldwide.

Somehow, she is also pursuing a doctorate through Fielding University.

Heidi's wider research involves the tools and methodologies used by the next generation of global leaders.

As part of this research track, she has begun investigating the value of "visual practice" (visual facilitation, graphic recording, mindmapping, sketch-noting, etc.)

As a piece of her dissertation, Heidi's research on the visual practice, although still in the early stages, focuses on how it supports leadership and global teams using social technologies.

This discussion with Heidi was a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the broader trends at the intersection of social systems, collaborative technology, visual learning, innovation and global leadership.

For more information about Heidi's work, visit The Art of Social Strategy 



00:00 | Introductions

03:00 | Heidi's History with Visual Facilitation

06:55 | Heidi's Research and Dissertation

09:30 | The Lexicon of Visual Practice

10:45 | Graphic Recording vs. Graphic Facilitation

12:00 | Sketchnotes Defined

17:30 | Strategic Visualization

20:50 | Visual Coaching

26:10 | Questions from the Audience

34:00 | Where to Take Survey and View Heidi's Research (forbesoste.com)

34:45 | Larger Question Being Explored

35:30 | Leadership and the New Social Paradigm

37:00 | Minimizing & Overcoming Miscommunication in a Global World

50:15 | Connect with Heidi at @forbesoste

54:00 | Special Announcements from Alphachimp