Mind Body Scribe: Exploring Compassion, Contemplation & Challenging Circumstances

Graphic recording is a full body and mind activity. But what goes on inside our minds and bodies when we scribe? Do periods of "creative flow" lead to healthier psyches and stronger immune systems? Do the skills and habits of graphic facilitators lead to improved problematic social behaviors and emotional problems while enhancing biochemical markers of health? Thaddeus Pace is a biological psychologist at Emory University, exploring how compassion meditation and other complementary practices may improve the health and well-being of children and adults in challenging circumstances. “As a biological psychologist, I’m very interested in what connects stress to health, and I’m also interested in novel ways to intervene to make us healthier people.”

For more information about Tad's work, check out his POP! TECH talk here:



00:00 | Introductions

01:30 | What goes on in our bodies when we scribe?

05:24 | The impact of stress on health

08:00 | Studying stress

09:00 | Meditation & focused attention

09:50 | Stress study results

12:00 | Scribing as a meditative state

13:50 | The connection between stress and learning: Cortisol

24:30 | Other brain chemicals: Norepinephrine & Dopamine

36:00 | Q/A 37:30 | How can we find data to support the positive effects of facilitation?

49:50 | How do we communicate the importance of “touchy-feely” stuff?

52:20 | Special Alphachimp Announcements

Learn visually. Alphachimp University. Click to see courses.

Learn visually. Alphachimp University. Click to see courses.



When we launched the Rockstar Scribe course in May of 2011, we had so many amazing people appear in our lives. Heidi Forbes Öste (@ForbesOste) is definitely one of those people.

A Boston native, Heidi now lives in Sweden with her husband and children, and has a passion for humanizing technology and strategic use of social tools for individuals & organizations both online & face-to-face.

In her practice as a Global Social Strategist and Visual Practitioner, Heidi provides workshops, strategic visual harvesting and consulting to clients worldwide.

Somehow, she is also pursuing a doctorate through Fielding University.

As part of her wider research into the tools and methodologies used by the next generation of global leaders, Heidi has started down the path of researching the value of "visual practice" (visual facilitation, graphic recording, mindmapping, sketch-noting, etc.)

As a piece of her dissertation, Heidi's research on the visual practice, although still in the early stages, focuses on how it supports leadership and global teams using social technologies.

This discussion with Heidi was a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the broader trends at the intersection of social systems, collaborative technology, visual learning, innovation and global leadership.

For more information about Heidi's work, visit The Art of Social Strategy (http://forbesoste.com/)


00:00 | Introductions

03:00 | Heidi's History with Visual Facilitation 06:55 | Heidi's Research and Dissertation 09:30 | The Lexicon of Visual Practice

10:45 | Graphic Recording vs. Graphic Facilitation 12:00 | Sketchnotes Defined 17:30 | Strategic Visualization 20:50 | Visual Coaching 26:10 | Questions from the Audience

34:00 | Where to Take Survey and View Heidi's Research (forbesoste.com) 34:45 | Larger Question Being Explored 35:30 | Leadership and the New Social Paradigm

37:00 | Minimizing & Overcoming Miscommunication in a Global World 50:15 | Connect with Heidi at @forbesoste 54:00 | Special Announcements from Alphachimp

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Rock the Monkey: DIY U & The Rise of the MOOC with Derek Bruff


We had an engaging and insightful visual conversation with Derek Bruff, Director of The Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University, on his experience in the trenches of evolving the traditional classroom experience into Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs). Derek received his PhD in Mathematics at Vanderbilt. He taught mathematics at Harvard University for two years before returning to Vanderbilt as an Assistant Director at the CFT and Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, before being named Director in 2011.

At the Center, Derek has consulted with faculty members, graduate students, departments, and programs across the university and helped develop two of the Center’s flagship programs, the Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows program and the Teaching Certificate program.

Most recently, Derek has shepherded the production of Vanderbilt University's first MOOC on Coursera and spearheaded the school's efforts to prepare its educators for the challenges of online video production, social media and facilitating hundreds of thousands of virtual students.


00:00 | Introductions

02:00 | What is the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt all about?

11:30 | What exactly is a MOOC?

21:30 | What's involved in producing and facilitating a MOOC?

30:30 | Changing/Rethinking the educational process

39:00 | Questions for Derek

52:00 | DIY U: Unbundling the higher-ed experience

56:30 | How to find out more about Derek

60:30 | Special announcements from Alphachimp U

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Rock the Monkey: Joe Hudicka on Collaborative Design Conversations


Our Guest Joe Hudicka has three life goals: 1. To create businesses he loves to be in; 2. To invest most of his time in friends and family; 3. To promote strength-oriented learning.

Joe and his team help people think through their ideas of custom software solutions by using visual conversations and virtual scribing to accelerate the design process.

On his path as a serial entrepreneur, Joe has spent a lot of time in the world of data and IT management systems. He has had titles such as solutions architect, information architect, CEO, and, most recently, founder of OneLead, a company that improves CRM data collection through mobile devices.

OneLead is launching its brand new product, Quota Crusher, this week. Quota Crusher helps sales people optimize their territories and nurture leads with a personal touch.

Quota Crusher clients leverage the built in predictive analytics that allow even small to medium-sized companies see patterns of activity and anticipate customer behavior.

The entire Hudicka family is engaged in this world of application development and entrepreneurialism. At age 7, his son Joey designed and launched “Puckz”, an iPhone and iPad app which fuses together hockey and checkers, creating a new game.


00:00 | Introductions 03:15 | Joe's Projects (IA Team, Puckz, Quota Crusher) 15:23 | Personal Values: Daily Habit

18:07 | Working Virtually 21:04 | Being a Trusted Advisor

25:58 | Virtual Facilitation Changes the Game 31:30 | Open for Questions 32:55 | Collaborative Design Conversations

63:20 | Free Course: The Electric Scribe 64:00 | Final Words From Joe: What's Next

Rock the Monkey: Chuck Frey on Mindmapping Tools

Our guest Chuck Frey has extensive experience in public relations, marketing, business strategy, creativity and innovation, and is a keen student of the creative ways in which technology can help to increase the productivity, efficiency and success of businesses. He has been a life-long student of integrity-based principles of successful living.

Chuck is the founder and publisher of InnovationTools.com, the world’s largest, most extensive website focused on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming (now merged with InnovationManagement.se).

He is also the author of the Mind Mapping Software Blog and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of mind mapping and visual thinking.


0:00 | Introduction 2:30 | A Demonstration of Using Digital Mindmap Tools 14:15 | Collaborative Mindmapping as a Facilitation Tool 15:40 | Using Touch Screen Versions 19:00 | Virtual & Mobile Collaboration (”Co-Mapping”) 20:30 | Knowledge Management in Teams 24:50 | Working with Different Audiences (Linear vs. Global Thinkers) 27:30 | From the Lean Mentality to Innovation Engine 29:55 | Trends in Open Innovation 33:00 | Growth Field of Design Thinking 34:30 | The Messy Middle of the Design Process 36:30 | Using MindMaps with Technical Teams 40:40 | Personal Knowledge Management 46:20 | Getting Back to Basics

Rock the Monkey Webinar - The Myth of Perception

The Myth of Perception

How to Lead Teams Who Don't Know They Are Dreaming

DATE: Friday November 2nd, 2012

DESCRIPTION: Recent neuroscience has revealed that dreaming is our permanent, natural state. Surprisingly, this “awake dreaming state” is what we are doing when we go through all of the daily actions of work, love, war and shopping.

So, what are dreams? What is perception? Who conjures up all the thoughts in your head? How is the action of “brainstorming” and “strategic planning” really just an optimistic act of public dreaming? Sound too hippy-dippy, airy-fairy? It’s not.

As facilitators, coaches, managers and leaders, we are mashing up our “awake dreaming” process with other humans’ hallucinations... with real-world consequences misunderstandings, gaps in logic, emotional sabotage, intellectual blind spots and more.

Join Peter Durand — and colleagues around the world — for a discussion on faulty perceptions, group facilitation and how best to use sensory input in order to turn dreams into decisions.

SLIDES via Slideshare

Rock the Monkey: The 7 M's of Visual Facilitation

OK, OK...! We get it. Visual facilitation is great. It works. It's awesome.

But why does it work? And how do we describe the benefits and outcomes to those skeptical gatekeepers? (Let alone to our closest friends and family!)

This visually rich webinar asks and answers these key questions:

  • - What do zebra stripes have to do with pinstripes and the "baboon brain"?

  • - What really goes on in people's minds (and bodies) during intense meetings?

  • - What is the difference between marks, symbols, icons, images and metaphors?

  • - Why are those RSA time-lapse scribing videos so mesmerizing?

  • - Why is it important to balance aesthetics and information?

  • - What is the connection between biology and learning?

  • - How do I explain the value of this to peers, coworkers and clients?

See the slides: