Rock the Monkey: The 7 M's of Visual Facilitation

OK, OK...! We get it. Visual facilitation is great. It works. It's awesome.

But why does it work? And how do we describe the benefits and outcomes to those skeptical gatekeepers? (Let alone to our closest friends and family!)

This visually rich webinar asks and answers these key questions:

  • - What do zebra stripes have to do with pinstripes and the "baboon brain"?

  • - What really goes on in people's minds (and bodies) during intense meetings?

  • - What is the difference between marks, symbols, icons, images and metaphors?

  • - Why are those RSA time-lapse scribing videos so mesmerizing?

  • - Why is it important to balance aesthetics and information?

  • - What is the connection between biology and learning?

  • - How do I explain the value of this to peers, coworkers and clients?

See the slides: