Special Announcement: Puppies and Bacon Doughnuts!

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During a celebratory video on Tuesday, we announced the launch of a new special 2nd anniversary Rockstar group on May 1st (register here if you are interested).

We also announced there would be a special announcement today. (We sort of already announced it last week, but here's the announcement anyway.)

Note: Our community manager, Evan,  bet me a bacon-and-maple-syrup doughnut that I couldn't use "announced" more than 5 times in one post. Announcement: as you've seen above, he owes me a Hungry Lumberjack doughnut from one of Nashville's many food trucks, Loco Doughnut.


We have invested a substantial amount of time, energy, money, sweat, tears, and blood (not really any blood but inserted here for dramatic effect) in learning the tools, equipment, and processes involved in creating time-lapse scribing and digital videos/animations.

Many of our students and compatriots in the industry have asked nicely, strongly suggested, and even begged us (puppy-dog-eyes style) to share what we've learned to help you avoid some of the painful mistakes that go along with being a pioneer in any new field.

ABOVE: HEY! Don’t give us those puppy-dog eyes unless you are “for reals”!

Mostly, we think we're ready to do so, but to be honest, building a course is a lot of work, and we only want to go through it (again) if we know there's going to be an energetic/excited/fun group to go through it with us.

So just like two years ago, when we built Rockstar Scribe and That Creative Space, we're looking for a group of co-creators that are at least as excited about this stuff as we are to help us build a course that delivers everything our audience desires.

If this short description fits you, let us know. If we feel the love (a.k.a. get enough interest), we'll reach back out with next steps in this co-creation journey.