Two Comments That Can Screw Up A Visual Learner for Life

Visual Learner

I don't know about you, but I consider myself a visual learner. Ever since I was a squirmy 5th grader doodling in the margins of my textbook, I have known it.

So did my teachers.

But they didn't know what the hell to do with me except to “encourage” me with very well-meaning but unhelpful phrases, such as: “You are soooooooo creative” or “You'll be a famous artist someday!”

Both of which are HORRIBLE things to say to a kid who is doodling his or her heart out.

Looking back, they were basically saying to me: “You are a huge pain in the ass” and “Do not plan on a career in math or science.”

Before graduating high school, my principal—upon hearing that I was going to major in art at university—suggested that perhaps I consider majoring in Accounting, you know, just to have something to fall back on if the whole Art Thing didn’t pan out.

What is even more damaging to visual learners is this: the well-intentioned adults linked the creative act with economic value and social acceptance.

Well, we all know that REAL ARTISTS aren't interested in those ;)

But seriously, by linking the creative act to love and $$$ they were missing the most important part—creating is thinking.

The process of taking in information, synthesizing raw data into ideas and then creating physical form (even abstract patterns) is a profound and essential process.

It involves mindfulness and presence as well as active engagement with content. And that, my friends, is known as “active learning”.

So, I am a visual learner and odds are, you are too.

I don't know much, but I do know this—thousands of people have TOLD me that they are visual learners.

They tell me at conferences where they see me scribing. They tell me in comments online, and they tell me through the purchase of books, courses, webinars and workshops with my friends and heroes in the field.

OK, so do you even understand what “being a visual learner” means?

So, I know this stuff works. And by “this stuff” I mean drawing while people talk.

But WHY does it work? And HOW does it work?

Well, it is my mission to find out and to share the knowledge with fine people like you who might be asking the same questions.

(On the other hand, if you know all about it PLEASE let me know!)

In a short series of videos, I will uncover some of the dark mysteries of visual learning—not the how-to guru drawing stuff, but the brain-based neuroscience stuff.

Check out the first video titled The Number One Barrier to Becoming a Rockstar Scribe here:

Hey, and what’s really exciting… later this month, we’ll be hosting a LIVE webinar with a neuroscientist and researcher and you will be able to ask all sorts of questions.

Very cool.

So, look for updates and links coming sooooooooon.

Onwards and upwards.