Rock the Monkey Webinar - The Myth of Perception

The Myth of Perception

How to Lead Teams Who Don't Know They Are Dreaming

DATE: Friday November 2nd, 2012

DESCRIPTION: Recent neuroscience has revealed that dreaming is our permanent, natural state. Surprisingly, this “awake dreaming state” is what we are doing when we go through all of the daily actions of work, love, war and shopping.

So, what are dreams? What is perception? Who conjures up all the thoughts in your head? How is the action of “brainstorming” and “strategic planning” really just an optimistic act of public dreaming? Sound too hippy-dippy, airy-fairy? It’s not.

As facilitators, coaches, managers and leaders, we are mashing up our “awake dreaming” process with other humans’ hallucinations... with real-world consequences misunderstandings, gaps in logic, emotional sabotage, intellectual blind spots and more.

Join Peter Durand — and colleagues around the world — for a discussion on faulty perceptions, group facilitation and how best to use sensory input in order to turn dreams into decisions.

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