Yves Béhar : Why Designers Should Be In Love With The Process

Yves Behar Puma Shoe Box

Good design accelerates good ideas.

Yves Béhar (@yvesbehar) says: "If  you want to prove that an idea has merit, don't write a book about it. Test it."

In this presentation at the 99% Conference, shares the seven principles that define his unique approach to the design process.

Béhar is the founder of fuseproject, a San Francisco-based design agency contributing to areas that include technology, furniture, sports, lifestyle, and fashion.

His heros include true design thinkers—Saul Bass, George Nelson and Charles Eames—who were such good thinkers, because they were also "makers".

Following in the footsteps of Charles Eames, that most revered of Herman Miller designers whot defined the modern office and home, Béhar pursued the mission of dematerializing the task chair, to follow Eames principle of producing "the best to the most for the least".

Design is not about making solutions, but about how you approach life.

Béhar shares the process behind the resulting SAYL chair collection. He knows that the tenets of sustainable design result in a compelling business proposition: 50-60% less material = less carbon footprint = less cost!

Redesigning the typical office task chair involves lots of sketching, prototypes, failures, studies, quick mock-ups out of paper, foam, plastic.

Béhar is also creative with his business models. Fifty percent of his firm's projects result in a business partnership with their clients. As stakeholders, these designers are no longer short-term hires, burning and billing hours, instead they are invested in every aspect of the design as a functioning part of the value proposition.

Most recent collections, fuseproject pursues with a new 21st century companies "cause partner" and non-profits, as with PACT, a sustainable underwear company.

source: 99u.com