Dutch Design Students Stress-Test Business Model Studios

Skype debrief about businessmodelstudios.com with industrial design students at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in The NetherlandsYesterday, Peter Durand had a face-to-face meeting with 20 young, fresh-faced Dutch students. Fortunately for them, it was via Skype and they were safe from his early-morning coffee breath.

These industrial design students at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) in The Netherlands were critiquing the Alphachimp U. online course businessmodelstudios.com created in partnership with Business Models Inc.

The design students were thorough, articulate, direct but polite. No doubt because the other person (who was physically in the classroom with them) was Camilla van den Boom, who is both a lecturer at TU/e and COO of Business Models Inc.

Skype debrief about businessmodelstudios.com with industrial design students at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in The Netherlands

Camilla's students were given access to the online course as a way to further their application of the Business Model Canvas to real-world facilitation. In her graduate level course, the students dive deep into business model design. As part of the course, student teams produced various interactive case studies on the leader in affordable design, IKEA.

Over the hour-long discussion, they delivered constructive feedback (The White List) and critical suggestions (The Black List) for the usage of  -- and improvements to -- the online course, its user interface, pedagogy, and overall content.

Peter gave them an inside view of the design challenges (for example, his ER visit during the filming of the videos) and the business decisions experienced in the production of the videos and tutorials.

Rockstar Scribe Student: Roberta Faulhaber

Roberta is a graphic facilitator living in France, working in French and English. One of our original students when we launched the course, Roberta is a seasoned veteran of visual practice. She writes on her blog that she is "always focused on visual thinking, feeling, and creating."

Faulhaber offers services in visual facilitation, graphic recording, mindmapping, visuals, graphic co-creation, digital recording, remote visual facilitation, videoscribing, and training in graphic recording.

more at: facilitationvisuelle.fr

Rockstar Scribe Student: Ann Leach

Ann Leach is a visual practitioner in Joplin, Missouri. Her practice is titled "Chart Your Course Graphics". Ann is a life coach with a specialty in grief coaching for individuals and families who have suffered a traumatic loss. Although she began grief coaching years ago, her hometown of Joplin has been in need of her wise and gentle healing visuals.

In May of 2011, the town was devastated by a massive, slow-moving tornado, taking thousands of homes, hundreds of business, 9 schools and 158 lives. As the community heals, Ann uses her graphic facilitation skills to aid clients in creating maps of their history with their loved one, and in charting their future.

More at http://ifvpcommunity.ning.com/profile/AnnLeach

Rock the Monkey: The 7 M's of Visual Facilitation

OK, OK...! We get it. Visual facilitation is great. It works. It's awesome.

But why does it work? And how do we describe the benefits and outcomes to those skeptical gatekeepers? (Let alone to our closest friends and family!)

This visually rich webinar asks and answers these key questions:

  • - What do zebra stripes have to do with pinstripes and the "baboon brain"?

  • - What really goes on in people's minds (and bodies) during intense meetings?

  • - What is the difference between marks, symbols, icons, images and metaphors?

  • - Why are those RSA time-lapse scribing videos so mesmerizing?

  • - Why is it important to balance aesthetics and information?

  • - What is the connection between biology and learning?

  • - How do I explain the value of this to peers, coworkers and clients?

See the slides:

Announcing Two New Online Series


Peter & Diane announcing a our new online series of tutorials to launch Sept. 1, 2012.

[leadplayer_vid id="501C11B395AA0"]

The Electric Scribe

This series will address the tools and techniques for virtual graphic capture, working on iPad and electronic tools for capturing ideas onsite and online.

Super Sketch Pro

This series will provide quick tutorials focused on how to render images, objects, typography and more using standard markers, paper and whiteboards.

Where can you find these tutorials? Coming soon (for FREE) to your inbox when you download the Rockstar Scribe Resource Guide.

Upcoming ChimpCast

Rock the Monkey (Part 2)

So, before the IFVP conference, we asked if you would be interested in another webinar on brain-based learning and graphic recording. There was a resounding “Yes!” and many excellent nominations for topics to discuss.

It is always so exciting when we put a question out there and get an amazing response back. This is a really big part of why we love doing what we do... because the people are so great! So, we’d like to extend a warm “Thank You” to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts with us.

We truly appreciate it and are excited to say that...

We are definitely having another live webinar next week...

Tune in for the Rock the Monkey Webinar

...and will send out a note tomorrow with the details.

We’re getting really really excited about where this is headed.  You won’t want to miss it!

Learning & Scribing in Pittsburgh

Last week, over a hundred visual thinkers and graphic facilitators descended on the American city of Pittsburgh for the...

International Forum of Visual Practitioners Annual Conference

Participants at the IFVP conference

Keynote speakers included visual thinking luminaries, such as Sketchnote Army General Mike Rohde, Disney Imagineer Mk Haley, and interactive designer and documentary filmmaker Mike Roy.

One of the most rewarding parts of the conference was meeting more of our ACU students face-to-face who traveled to Da 'Burgh from around the globe, including: Wendy (Singapore); Lenni and Becca (Australia); Martine (Belgium); Avril (Canada); Dean (NYC); Roberta (Paris); plus veterans Lynn & Lynn (California); and many, many more.

Before the conference, Peter led a full-day workshop in professional development for graphic recorders. He incorporated many lessons learned from developing our online courses for beginners and experienced scribes. He was on site as a board member of the organization, as an instructor, and—most important—as a student of visual learning in action.