When one looked out at the hundreds of designers, technogeeks and super-scientists gathered at this year's mind-blowing Pop!Tech event, the faces of bloggers were lit like phospherescent specters.

One of the uberbloggers present was David Weinberger, aka Joho the Blog.

Weinberger's documentation of the presentations were a great balance between straight-up word-for-word court room reporting to salient and pithy commentary.

In his blog, he used a brilliant term to describe my drawings from PopTech: "infotoons".

A quick Google search for the term, leads to the Agricultural Research Council. Their site displays one of the most inspiring (and quirky) set of information graphics geared at teaching subsitance farmers in emerging markets how to run a farm, including my personal favorite:"Why Keep Goats?"

Among the 30 speakers at Pop!Tech, several addressed massive global problems with concrete data and trends:

...Barnett on shifting geopolitics

...Chamie on UN's view of shifting demographics,

...Longman on declining birth rates,

...Alley on climate change; and Fagan on human migration.

Others presented concrete examples of socio-techno pioneers dealing with the problems head-on:

...Bornstein on social enterprise,

...Steffan on worldchangers,

...Hawley on telling Bhutan's (big) story.

...Zuckerman on geeks in Africa.

Other Big Themes: