BaseCamp: High Altitude Project Management Tool

BaseCamp is subscription software, PHP publishing, I think, that is scaleable according to how many projects you need to manage at once. Check out the details below and get organized!

1 project=free

3 projects = $12/month

15 projects = $24/month

35 projects = $49/month

unlimited projects = $99/month

Sounds expensive, except that it allows the user to set permissions for unlimited users, who aren't required to pay anything or to have any additional software beside their web browser.

We started less than a month ago with the 3 project plan, and it swiftly became so core to our business processes, we upgraded immediately. Now we are evangelizing BaseCamp to all our clients. They have a really great BaseCamp Manifesto. So far, they are living up to it and making our mom-and-pop shop a happier place to work.