Podcasting Hits the Big Time (or at least NPR)

Blogs grow from very personal text-based scribbles, to very personal vocal monologues. Now you can hear as well as read the angst, anxiety and antics!

Personal Radio Via Podcasting Grows More Popular

by Nathan Santamaria

LISTEN to NPR interview with the founder of iPodder.org, the inimitable Adam Curry, former DJ on MTV (see article on www.mtv.com).

Slate's Gizmos: The Future of Radio

Noah Adams

Day to Day, October 28, 2004

LISTEN as NPR talks to Paul Boutin of Slate about two new products for radio listeners: a portable satellite radio receiver, and a so-called "podcasting" system that allows iPod users to download radio programming.

PodCasting' to Music, Talk Fans Online

by Robert Smith

Day to Day, February 1, 2005

For a good time, visit the merry banter of married podcasters Dawn and Drew.

Via iPodder.org, we discovered Digital Strips : The Web Comics Blog

Description: "A blog of the web comics scene. Here you'll find reviews, links, and comments of our favorite digital comic strips. Space in newspapers for comics is shrinking, but the web is a wide open canvas."

However, for the best podcasts of the best content, nothing beats Doug Kaye's IT Conversations.

Want to become a broadcaster? Check out SHOUTcast, Nullsoft's Free Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system. It's Free! Check the online docs to get started! All you need is a player, for example Winamp, iTunes or RealPlayer.