Looking at Houston's Future

Alphachimp Studio is excited to join Russell Williams Group and Collaborative Strategies, Inc. in facilitating several sessions for the leadership of the Center for Houston's Future.

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Most American cities and regions are planning for rampant growth, in the face of collosal deficits. And, any city leader worth his salt is asking tough questions about the future.

  • Energy: How are we going to keep the lights on in the face of higher demand and peaking oil reserves?

  • Brand Strategy: How do we understanding the shifting identity of our cities?

  • The Creative Class: What areas are attracting and retaining the most talented people, and how?

  • Game Theory: How can technology--especially simulations and advanced modeling--predict the problems and solutions of entire regions?

  • Population: How are we going to provide adequate housing without losing the soul of our neighborhoods?

  • Check out The Next American City for great articles and interviews tackling these issues. http://www.americancity.org/

    The magazine describes itself as:

    ...a new quarterly magazine by a new generation of urban thinkers and leaders that explores the transformation of America's cities and suburbs, asking tough questions about how and why our built environment, economy, society and culture are changing.

    Selected Articles

  • HUB CITY: Can Chicago Capture the New Economy the Old Fashioned Way? by Charles Shaw

  • REVIEW: Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class (And How It's Transforming Work, Leisure, and Everyday Life) by Mackenzie Baris

  • PLAYING WITH URBAN LIFE: How Simcity Influences Planning Culture by Daniel G. Lobo with reporting by Larry Schooler

  • 15 MINUTES WITH: Rich Richman, One of the Country's Foremost Affordable Housing Developers by Seth A. Brown

  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Is East Atlanta Losing Its Soul? by Andrea Korber