Screaming Dean Continues to Ride the Wave

At a recent gathering, a fellow mentioned the importance of the internet in allowing communities to work together. Another one contended that the internet encourages to draw apart ("Look at the terrorists; they use the internet!").

Yet another noted the success of Howard Dean in the Presidential election.

"Yeh," came the sardonic reply. "But it didn't get him elected."

No. But it may have put him in the position to guide the formation of the Democratic National Committee for the next election.

When I laid the news on them that he may become the next Chairman of the DNC, they were incredulous. "No way!" they spewed. (And, no, we were not in a Red State, but in England).

According to the Associated Press, Dean already has more than 50 endorsements of DNC members, including five chairs. He needs a majority of the 447 members to win the post. The election is scheduled Feb. 12.

In the end, it was th groundswell of support from normal folk - self-organizing the Dean campaign themselves all across the country - who brought this former governor of Vermont to this national level.

LISTEN to Joe Trippi, Dean's campaign manager, as he describes what it was like to ride the wave of dedicated citizens using the web to come together for change.