Andrew Zolli, the Fastest Italian in Brooklyn

We'd like to congratulate our friend Andrew Zolli: the Z in Z+ Partners.

Along with forty-nine other talented mongrels who work on the fringes of business, science and art, Zolli has been ID'd in the roster of FastCompany's Fast 50.

Listed as a "Peak Performer" by FC, this futurist, designer and author--who himself works at the intersection of culture, design, technology, and futures research--is actually the nicest superstar you'll ever meet.

His superpower as a human curator was responsible for the vast assembly of preternatural geniuses and fringe lunatics at Pop!Tech 8, themed as The Next Renaissance.

When conference host and co-founder Bob Metcalfe warned that this should not be confused with "that big Italian Renaissance," Zolli joked: "Actually, it is the Renaissance of Big Italians!"

We at Alphachimp would like to cheer this fast futurist from the sidelines, as he zips from Boston to Brooklyn and beyond: "Go, Zolli! Go!"

(check out Andrew's many interviews, articles and speeches, as well as the Z+ Partners blog.)