Art Spiegelman in Da Burgh

Saturday, April 9, 2005, 8:00 p.m.
Byham Theater, downtown Pittsburgh, PA

From The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust:

Ever since 1992, when Art Spiegelman won a Pulitzer Prize for Maus, his masterful Holocaust comic book narrative, fans of adult comics have admired the work of this outstanding and provocative artist. In Maus and Maus II, by portraying Jews as mice and Nazis as cats, Spiegelman created an unusual and controversial context for his powerful narrative.

Now celebrating his 10th anniversary as one of the cover artists for The New Yorker magazine, Art Spiegelman continues to challenge his public with illustrations and comics that are best known for their scratchboard, illustrative style and controversial content. In his lecture with slides, COMIX 101, Art Spiegelman takes his audiences on a chronological tour of the evolution of comics, all the while explaining the value of this medium and why it should not be ignored.

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