Get all your Monkey News on the Ricky Gervais Show

Thank Zues! Steve Merchant, Ricky and their producer Karl Pilkinton (who is perhaps the most twisted mind of the troica) have a podcast through Guardian Unlimited.

The finest element is the spiraling delivery of "monkey news", featuring unconfirmable recounts of philanderous simians, a tolerant zookeeper (and his wife), and rampaging chimps.

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When my wife and I became new parents, one of the best gifts we were given was the first season of The Office, brain-child of and vehicle for the man himself, Ricky Gervais.

With only 2 seasons and one bonus Christmas show, the ride was over too quick. Now there is the American version of the office which is... eh... OK, I guess. Plus the HBO series, Extras. But nothing close to the mania and mayhem of the BBC original.

Except this!