The Monkey King of China

An ancient Chinese legend comes to life at Chicago Children's Museum! This traditional tale describes the curious Monkey King’s adventures through foreign lands as he causes mischief in the emperor’s palace and finds himself trapped under a mountain for 500 years. This interactive exhibit lures you in when the courageous Monkey King is given a chance to redeem himself by escorting a monk to India. You can learn lessons the Monkey King reveals as you help him overcome the perils he encounters in his journey.

Become a mischievous monkey and try to steal the emperor’s peaches before he catches you. Play pranks at the dinner table in the Heavenly Palace. Fly over China, climb through Buddha’s fingers, and extinguish the flames of a burning mountain with the goddess’s fan. Discover China’s mystique in this imaginative, one-of-a-kind exhibit!

Asian American Social Network: Special Partner of Chicago Children's Museum.

[Photo from Adventures in Chinese Culture: The Monkey King's Guide, the East Asia Program at Cornell.]