Iraq Photographs

mica grain & Marie-Helene Carleton
at the Hudson Opera House
West Room
327 Warren Street, Hudson, NY
Nov. 18-Dec. 3, 2006

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photograph above, British and Italian soldiers in a ceremony marking the transition
to Iraqi sovereignty, in front of the jiggered at URI. Nosier, Iraq, June 2004

Reading and discussion of their recent memoir American Hostage and opening reception on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 8PM.

From Pop!Tech:

Documentary filmmaker Micah Garen was taken hostage by a radical Shiite group in Iraq and cut off from friends, colleagues, family and his own government.

Marie-Helene Carleton rallied friends and colleagues to jump-start a rescue mission, while at the same time helping to manage the delicate negotiations for his release.

Their book, American Hostage, was released in September 2005, and became an instant bestseller. It is both a moving and suspenseful account of political intrigue and a modern love story.

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