Poodle... Sphinx... Milkshake, Yo!


The election is over. We're still in Iraq, the sun still shines and my daughter still loves Polly Pockets.

So! Back to business. Monkey business, that is. Leah Silverman send us this link that makes as much sense as anything else going on in the media.

From Zap2It:

I always figured poodles were up to no good.

AdultSwim.com offers a sneak peek of this coiffed menace seen in the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie. The 90-second clip features Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad "engaged in an epic battle that could well determine the very future of civilization."

Presumably, the "epic battle" is with the poodle since in the clip it's breathing fire and shooting laser beams from its eyes. Of course, this might be a red herring, but I'd like to think if that were the case, they'd literally be fighting off a giant herring with powers to teleport or maybe knit an afghan (the dog, not the blanket).

If, like Leah, you have a giant poodle in your life--or need to disguise your Dobberman like one--might I suggest a gander at an earlier post: A Wolf in Poodle's Clothing.