Pantone Pen Print

[submitted by Jim Nuttle in DC]
Daniel Eatock sets his latest pen print experiment in the second ALSO* commission of The Aram Gallery.

Curator Daniel Charny describes the work:

Eatock’s predictive construct removes the artist’s hand from the pen, reverses the role of the paper, and allows its characteristics and positioning to become the most influential aspect of the work. Balanced on their nibs each of a set of 288 felt tip pens releases ink that expands into the layers of a ream of paper, making each layer of this multi-print different. This predicted variety is translated into a gambling tension for the consumer that chooses to purchase an unknown result on an unseen layer.

Dimensions: SRA1 640 x 900mm
Edition Size: 73 original prints

– One complete set of Letraset TRIA Pantone markers
– arranged in the colour spectrum
– left for one month
– resting on their nibs
– on a stack of 500 SRA1 sheets
– 70gsm uncoated white paper

The edition number was determined by the number of sheets the ink bled through from the possible 500.

The numbering of each sheet corresponds to the position it was within the stack and also determined its value.

The final sheet the ink reached, (furthest from the top) was numbered 1 / 73 and valued at £1, the one above numbered 2 / 73 and valued at £2 etc. The top sheet (the sheet the pens rested on) was numbered 73 / 73 and valued at £73 [SOLD OUT!]

Pantone Pen Print