Elizabeth Perry is an artist, writer and media specialists working with teachers and students to integrate art, language, science and storytelling through electronic media.

She recently led a workshop at the Mattress Factory, a premier contemporary installation sculpture museum and performance space. (Check out what kids are doing there in the Matress 14 Project!)

Perry's own book-to-blog works of watercolor sketches are wonderful meditations on the simple beauty of the everyday.

From Elizabeth's blog:

I work on a variety of projects, on and off the web.

One of my degrees is in writing. I have published nonfiction and short stories. A children's book, Think Cool Thoughts, was published in 2005 by Clarion Books.

web + video + digital
memory - a movable collage constructed in Flash
Uluburun shipwreck - an interactive archaeological site
Pittsburgh Signs Project - a collaborative online museum
5 x 4 - an experiment in multi-dimensional poetry and Flash
textile - a Flash toy hinting at some ideas I'm always working with
stop motion animation made by kids
more stop motion from a summer camp
my house as a snow globe - animation
Homewood Cemetery and The Ellis School - 360-degree panoramas in QuicktimeVR

I make up my own patterns, but I rarely get around to typing them up. One of these days...

grass roots community development and activism
My inner-city neighborhood in Pittsburgh has several community organizations. I've served on the board of one of them.