M is for Monkey, T is for Threadless

Brandy Agerbeck of Loosetooth sends us this coveted design from Threadless:

This unique t-shirt print biz incorporates all the stellar bells-n-whistles of a Web 2.0 innovator: blogs, community-driven design process, user-based ranking systems, associate programs and great art.

Designers submit artwork and members vote on which images make it on to shirts. Folks can also submit slogans to be incorporated into designs.

Join the 12 month club to receive a new shirt with a winning design sent to your home throughout the year.

Threadless was created by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart. They came up with the idea after Jake Nickell won the NMUF London tee shirt competition. It felt good to win a tee shirt competition and we thought it'd be cool to extend that to the level that Threadless has become.

The two Threadless Jakes met on dreamless.org a while back. They both are web developers who live in Chicago and love tee shirts and posters.