MissingLink: Beyond an Event's Home Page

The browser-based software for graphic facilitators was profiled by MeetingSource (http://www.meetingsource.com), a website for meeting planners to search for tools, destinations, facilities, and industry events.
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missing link
“Everybody remembers how they felt during the meeting, but the actual content is often lost,” said Peter Durand, Alphachimp Studio of Pittsburgh.

"I said in frustration that there has to be an easy way to use browser based software to document what is going on at events and capture the inspiration.”

Enter Jason Simmons at gradientlabs.com of Pittsburgh, a software developer with experience in building online applications.

The result is MissingLink. This browser-based software allows you to manage events; organize breakout teams; track participant profile information; and upload content like images, files, white boards, flip charts, audio-visual and even video.

“We were not able to find anything like this," Durand said, "so we have been building this over the last two years. At the very least it gives that one spot where everyone can find what they are looking for.”