Crowley Caught a Wild Swarm of Bees

Alphachimp graphic facilitator Steph Crowley is now the proud mamma of two families of bee colonies. We received this email from here about her adventures in bee keeping:

Hello fellow nature geeks! : )

If you're interested, I caught a wild swarm of bees not too long ago that had set up a temporary residence in our front walkway to our house. I was happy to see them, but the neighbors were not. A swarm of bees is a big cluster of bees looking for a new home, with their queen hiding out in the middle of the cluster.

They're very gentle at this point because they're homeless and have nothing to protect. So I caught them and gave them a proper home in a new hive in the backyard. Anyhow, if you want to see photos and a video I shot while hiving the swarm of bees, feel free to take a look at my bee photo webpage!