A big corporate thumbs-up for Google

I admit it: I am a iGoogle junkie. I have been experimenting with Google Docs, but tend to use the writeboard feature in Basecamp for collaborative draft documents. Plus, OpenOffice, the free open source equivalent to MS Office, can be installed on my laptop for off-road writing and spreadsheeting.

But this endorsement could mean billions of dollars in savings for global firms who have to dish out for installation and support of every knowledge worker at a terminal (anybody still using Office 2003?).

clipped from www.publicradio.org

You may not have heard of Capgemini, but the technology consulting firm has some big-name clients, like drug maker Eli Lilly and the accountants PriceWaterhouseCoopers — big corporations that spend big money on office software and technology. So it's no small deal that Capgemini is endorsing Google's suite of office software. Capgemini will continue to support business software made by other vendors, including Microsoft and IBM, but this is the first time one of the world's top technology consulting services will recommend Google Apps to its corporate customers.