Stamen Design: Information Visualization is a Medium

A jet-lagged Regine Debatty of writes from etech08 in San Diego.

She describes her excitement listening to Eric Rodenbeck, founder and creative director of Stamen Design, talk on Information Visualization is a Medium.


Worldchanging readers may already be familiar with the work of Stamen, especially with the visualizations they created for (Swarm and Stack) or the brilliant cabspotting, which Alex wrote about here a while ago.

The focus of the talk was on process of analysis and how the concept works both for Stamen and culturally. For Stamen Information visualization is a medium, not a technique per se.


The first project that illustrated this statement is Trulia Insight, a real estate aggregator, search and information tool they developed for Trulia, a real estate company based in San Francisco which aggregates information about properties around the United States.

The mashup combines historical real estate data with a "heat map" that displays which properties are hot. People looking for a house can search for real estate by zip code, or other parameters like size, cost, and building type. Houses glow different colors as they are built and re-built over the years,