Monkey Public Radio

Even America's most middleof-the-road media outlets recognizes the universal appeal of monkey business. NPR's new blog commenting upon pop culture is titled: Monkey See.
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A Word About Our Name

Why "Monkey See"?

Monkey See

Monkeys: You can study them to learn about human behavior, or you can dress them up in funny outfits and have them deliver telegrams. Which is to say, they lie exactly at the intersection of anthropology and comedy. (See Figure A.)

Venn diagram indicating that monkeys are common to anthropology and comedy

That spot — the intersection of high and low — is the territory this blog stakes out. You can, after all, learn a lot about people from what they choose to watch, listen to and read. You can also have a lot of fun viewing YouTube videos of local news anchors sneezing in the middle of a broadcast.

Of course, the name also plays off the famous three monkeys — the ones who see, hear and speak no evil. Because to us, despite a whiff at times of guilty pleasure, there's not much in the pop universe that feels "evil."

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