Download the 2010 PopTech Sketchbook


Influenced by a season of catastrophic downfalls and colossal system failures, the theme of the PopTech 2010 conference was Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, and Improbable Breakthroughs. 

In a mobile paint studio in the skybox above the PopTech stage, over 30 paintings and drawings were cranked out in real-time over the three days.

In the last days before Christmas, we (finally) created a PDF combining incredible photos by Kris Krug.

Right-click to DOWNLOAD PDF (9MB)

right-click to DOWNLOAD PDF (9MB)

NOTE: This sketchbook represents a mere fraction of the speakers, presenters, musicians, artists, intellectuals, entreprepeurs, scientists, designers, social innovators, students, volunteers, fellows, sponsors, partners, programmers, and uncategorical tribesmembers of the global PopTech community. More at