Student Movies & Studio Move

We want to thank all of our Alphachimp University students for a wild, fun ride this year.

The participants in our six-month intermediate course, That Creative Space, have been designing, filming, editing and uploading fabulous introduction videos, ranging from straight talk to their laptop camera to full-blown productions with animation and special effects.

Esther in Norway wins the Alphachimp Academy Award for her interpretation of Braveheart, painting her face with pastels as she prepares for a scribe battle!

We have loved watching them all and finally had a chance today to sit down and comment on most of them. 

Here are some "behind the scenes" of the last two weeks here at Alphachimp Studio:

We made a big decision to move our studio space. Our old space was great and it was over a workout facility so in the middle of filming you could often hear a loud, "Woooo" being shouted out from below. So we decided to pack it up and move across the street. Seemed like a simple idea at the time. 

Here are the 3D designs we developed with our interior designer:

And here are the before photos of the space.

The rest of our furniture arrives from Ikea today. We are so excited to get up and running in our new space. I will share photos when are unpacked.