Deep Listening

The August Group of Rockstar Scribes are off and running!

As of today, the classroom is open and already, the Rockstar Trailer is hopping with students posting their creative work, encouraging each other, and offering tips and tricks. This week, we are focused on the theme of "deep listening" and what it means to be a scribe.

In a fun series of short animations, we explore the history of the role, the importance of being an “open vessel” to capture ideas, and the impact of visuals.

One of our students in Singapore (we have four!) made these thoughtful observations:

It struck me that scribing is very similar to facilitation. In facilitation, I've learnt to be aware of my own gifts (what I offer the group) as well as my limitatitons (how what I hear, see, feel, understand are affected by my own history and experiences). Facilitation is also a very 'personal style' thing - you can learn the techniques, but when rubber hits the road, your personality is a big influencing factor. "Open vessel" (other metaphors that come to mind are mirror and funnel) is another parallel :)

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