Better Living through Cell Biology

Research/Narration by Amro Hamdoun
Images by Perrin Ireland

There are many persistent industrial chemicals that accumulate in marine life and in our bodies. For many years we have had problems predicting which industrial chemicals will be persistent in the environment.

Artist Perrin Ireland worked with Amro Hamdoun to explain how current research in cell biology might be used to to prevent this problem from happening in the future. Click the link below to watch Perrin’s beautiful watercolor art unfold.


The video is profiled on the Scripps Institution of Oceanography website.

Amro Hamdoun
is Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego Assistant Professor of Biology.

Perrin Ireland is a graphic science journalist who currently serves as Science Storyteller at Alphachimp Studio, Inc. She uses art and narrative to facilitate scientists sharing their stories, and creates comics about the research process. You can find more of Perrin's work here, and follow her on Twitter at  @experrinment.