Getting Ready for the Girl Effect

In early February, Alphachimp's Creative Director, Peter Durand, will be traveling to Kenya to participate in the PopTech Climate Resilience Lab.

For many of the world’s poorest communities, the adverse effects of climate change are no longer a future possibility; they are a present reality. The poverty, dislocation, health crises, resource conflicts, food scarcity and economic harm that climate change engenders threaten to undo many of the humanitarian gains of the past 30 years.

Particularly in rural communities, girls and women are on the front lines of climate disruption.

As the majority of the world’s smallholder farmers, girls and women manage many of the services most affected by climate, such as agriculture and water. When disruption strikes, they experience its effects worst and first. Yet for the most part climate adaptation and resilience efforts are not aimed at, or inclusive, of adolescent girls and women.

ABOVE: The Girl Effect

 The PopTech Climate Resilience Lab, held in partnership with the Nike Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, is an attempt to address these very issues, specifically the impact of climate change on poverty and gender.  

The goal is to move “beyond the white paper” to identify and collaborate on high-potential new approaches that can be tested and implemented.

This collaborative workshop, held in Nairobi, involves scientists, innovators and social entrepreneurs who will explore new ideas, interrogate existing models to see what’s working and what isn’t, and identify and build on the most effective methods as we move forward.

Alphachimp Studio is so honored to play a small part in this amazing event!

PopTech Labs bring a carefully curated network of leaders, creative thinkers and innovators together to collaborate on issues of global importance.

The goal of PopTech Labs is to map the drivers of change in a particular domain, to identify critical, early-stage opportunities for disruptive innovation, and to collaboratively design new incentives and unconventional actions to propel such innovation forward.