4/5 LIVE WEBCAST - Rock the Monkey: Visual Facilitation Skills & Brain-Based Learning


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We will be talking about the visual, must-know, brain-based techniques that you need as a facilitator, consultant, teacher or coach in order to increase the success of your clients and students, while making you look like a rockstar. 

What do we even mean by "Rockstar"? 

For the answer, we turn to Ye Olde Urban Dictionary where we find "Rock Star" defined as: 

1. Someone who performs for a living, fills stadiums, and has enough fans to occupy a fleet of city buses, plus money to burn. 

2. Someone who doesn't follow rules; they make their own rules and go out of their way to be extraordinary, different from everyone else. 
Now then, as a teacher, facilitator, consultant or professional coach, you could make yourself "look" extraordinary by filling your face with tattoos and piercings, wearing a pork pie hat, strapping on a diamond-studded belt buckle, donning a white mink coat, and completing your ensemble with a pair of red platform converse sneakers with lace-up boot things. 


You could learn the techniques and the underlying science of how to make your presentations, workshops or classrooms (aka. YOUR performances) visually stunning and thoroughly engaging for your audiences.... leading directly (I might add) to full classrooms, repeat clients, word-of-mouth marketing and a successful career! 

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Rock the Monkey:
Visual Facilitation Skills & Brain-Based Learning

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