A Personal introduction to Business Model Studios

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In April, we hosted a very special guest in Nashville. The talented and witty Patrick van der Pijl, producer of the best-selling business book, Business Model Generation.

For 10 days, Patrick worked with our team to accelerate the production of a new online course set to launch June 1st.

This course is perfect for the busy facilitator, consultant or manager who works with teams to examine, understand and innovate new business models.

As CEO of Business Models Inc., Patrick, travels the world delivering workshops to young start-ups, established Fortune 500 management teams, and top level C-suite executives.

For this online version, we are combining our love of visual learning and graphic facilitation with Patrick's enthusiasm for business innovation. The course will be a deep dive into the business model generation process, using fun and informative videos, time-lapse scribing, and video lectures... all designed to deliver:

A peek at the online course website.

“The Power to Draw & Generate Business Models for Teams,
Start Ups and Major Organizations”

Patrick has given us such insight into how business design can work (and be fun) with the process described in the course. To know more and receive updates regarding the launch please click the link below:


If you work with people to untangle the process of figuring out how a business actually operates, serves customers AND makes a profit... then you will love this course!